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With the clean direction, the "Peripheral" term includes all what is assistant of the computer. For that you can choose is between:

Screen Printer Games Another peripherales


If your screen is fuzzy.
- is you changed the resolution of the screen or it was put out of order. Click with the right button of the mouse on the desk, choose Propertys. Into the Parameters mitre slip the cursor of resolution according to your monitor.
- remain on the Parameter mitre, click on the Avanced button. Click on the screen mitre and regulate field the frequency to at least 75 Hz for a screen 17 inches.
- use the buttons of adjustment being located on the edge of the monitor. Often the adjustments change if you touched buttons by cleaning the screen : framing, vertical and horizontal stretching, to demagnetize.
- check that there is not too much magnetism beside the monitor (not too many another screens, not of enclosures on with dimensions the etc...).
- check that the pilot of the graphics board is not faded. As well as possible made an update of the pilot. Go in the Control panel and select Systeme. Click on manager of peripherals and look in graphics Board if the pilot is well configured in Property.
- look at if there is no dust in the catch of connection of the cable of the monitor connecting the PC.
- if it is still fuzzy after that, look on with dimensions monitor if there is not aim at adjustments for the sweeping of the electron beam. Otherwise they are two perforate and with the ends are aim them. It is enough to very gently regulate the screws to regulate the beam. If the screws are not there, the monitor should then be opened.
It is necessary to be very careful for the power supply of the cathode ray tube, it can send to you a value of 30.000 volts in the fingers... Will also know that even if the monitor were stored in an attic for 6 months, there can very well be still current. Thus ATTENTION!!!!
- see a specialist .....

Other most current problems involved in the monitor :

- The screen trembles.
To check the presence of a magnetic source near the monitor: Loudspeaker, transformer, small food, halogenous lamps of offices, etc If so, to move away them from the screen until improvement of clearness.
- The screen is black.
- Windows starts and the screen becomes black. A parameter in the properties of poster has changed being. It is necessary to start in mode without failure. Make a right click on the Desk and choose Propertys, in Parameters, you choose a minimal definition.
You can start again, made the same thing that presently to make your adjustments but indicate that you refuse to start again. If the screen becomes black, it is enough for you to support on Echap.
- To check the state of your video cable, for the cables BNC, the cables White and Black can be reversed according to the origin of the cable. In the event of problem, you can reverse the two cables.

- Duplicated Letters.
To check the good state of your video cable and to check the magnetic presence of source near the monitor.

- Message No Signal.
The monitor does not receive a video signal, check the connections of the video cable then. Check if your computer functions well.

- Message Too Fast FH.
The frequency of sweeping is too high, starts again the PC in mode without failure and lowers the frequency of the graphics board.

- Video which cannot use the 100% of the screen.
Check the pilot of the graphics board.

- A color goes away.
In made, the color appears after a time of heating.

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