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Now that you saw the various ways to safeguard your data, it is necessary to find the support to store them.
As I said it before to you, it is strongly disadvised placing its safeguards on the hard disk, even if you placed them on a partition different of C because, if there is a large crash landing on behalf of Windows and that it refuses to start, you can perhaps say good-bye to your files.

The choice of the type and the support of safeguard is not an easy choice. Which investment want to be put to make safe your data? Which quantity of data want to be safeguarded?

For the moment, there are two categories of supports, one physical and the other virtual one. In the physical category, I speak obviously about the external mediums which will be classified by order of storage capacity.

-) The first which comes me to mind is of course the legendary diskette. But considering his capacities, I will not extend above.

-) the LS 120, leave larger diskettes having capacitées: 120 Mo of memories.

-) You have the possibility of using keys USB. The storage capacities can vary between 128 Mo and 1 Go. Very practical keys to move data between computers, especially within the professional framework. On average the price of a key of 1 Go is of 130 €. A little more expensive, Freecom USB Card which goes from 128 to 1 Go. 100 € for 128 Mo!

-) More used is of course the support CD-ROM or CD-RW. Simple and rapid to be made, the discs have a capacity of 700 Mo. The most interesting remainder the cost of cost. Besides you can, thanks to software of engraving as Néro to make CD multisessions which allow d´enregistrer the data with the passing days on the same CD in order to make profitable their purchase.

-) For a sum a little more expensive, think of the DVD-R and DVD-RW, which them have a capacity of 2.4 Go, to see even 4.7 Go for some. Much more interesting to store of a blow of large files.

-) You can choose the disk drives ZIP. The storage of the diskettes varies between 250 Mo and 20 Go (40 Go when the data are compressed!).... The diskette which has this volume is the numerical cartridge of safeguard IMATION SLR7 of a value of 100 €.

-) Comes finally the external hard disks. There is no comparison with the other supports, that it is by the quantity of data being able to be placed or by the committed investment. We can say that it is the last word to place its safeguards.

For the other category, I speak about the transfers towards distant waiters, you can place your files towards sites via the transfers of data FTP.

Which is the interest to safeguard these data towards sites?
Already the price, it is more economic all the same for those which must often make safeguards. Moreover it is a flexible method. Where that you are, it is enough for you only to one connection to Internet to take files. Is posed then the concern of the data confidentiality on the distant waiters as well as the level of protection ensured by the person receiving benefits. Initially, consult the guarantees that they offer to you. They must cover at the same time the disfonctionnements of a technical nature and an absolute confidentiality by encoding of data to 128 bits minimum. For the tariff, count 1.20 € /mois for a space of storage of 10 Mo, 72 € /mois for a storage of 8 Go and 240€ /mois for 40 Go.
Examples: Planeteoueb.com for the distant waiters, NATSO BACKUP PRO for storages of your safeguards via peripherals or the waiters.

A way also of storing its data, lodgings at your FAI. But attention, contrary to the suppliers of services of distant waiters of safeguards, it has only "disadvantages there". You will have a posting of advertising banners, the security of the access to the files is not inevitably assured. There is no interface Web to recover the data on another PC, you are then obliged to resort to a software FTP.
Moreover, without you to alarm, the FAI say to you well that space suggested is only to publish a personal Web site, therefore are rather discrete. Publish only one page to give the exchange. Prohibit the referencing of part of the site to the robots of the search engines by creating a textual file named robots.txt.
Type the line: Use-agent: *
In the line of in lower part: Disallow: /docs/
Docs is the name of the file containing your data to be protected. You can have some several, then you will put as many time the Disallow line: /docs/ that files by replacing docs by docs2, docs3 so on.... The textual file will have to be with the root of the site.

You here is now with the current of all the methods to make safeguards like storing them. Make in regularly and are methodical. Note the safeguards which are on such or such other support.

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