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It is possible several to get pirated plays or, to pirate the plays which one wants. Simplest is to download the play on a site or by a software P2P like Kazaa and to find an ace specific to the software.

The crack is a "tool" allowing to jump protections of the software. That can be a key, a password, a module to be installed in the file of the play or a software scannant the application and which breaks protections. He is strongly advised of scanner with an antivirus the ace bus often the contents either is infected, or it is straightforwardly a virus.
There are several sources to obtain these cracks: Astalavista, Crackspider.... I advise you to have anti-popup for surfer and to update your antivirus!!!

The roof of the roof: Microsoft suspected of pirating software?
Whereas the war makes rage against all the forms of piracies on the Net, Microsoft (which is in fact one of the first to condemn these practices), would have, for the design of Windows XP, used a software illegally: Sound Forges of Sony which is a musical editor. Indeed, of the specialists found in the sound files of Windows XP the signature of a hacker of the Nineties, which would prove that the originators of the Microsoft used a crack to remove protections of Sound Forge....
Would Microsoft be as skinflint as that whereas they make only benefit? Business to be followed .....

It the made-to-order will warez there, already explained in the Abandonware part. One directly downloads a play which was pirated by someone else. But it is not always the sure one.

Now let us pass to the plays which one wants to copy.
Previously, it was very easy to recopy plays on another CD. It was enough to have a reader of CD-Rom and an engraver, and hop, it was finished. In the worst case one copied the whole from the hard disk before launching engraving. But maintaining with all protections which are installed, like protection secu rom, it is a little more delicate.

In the near total, quite specific cracks are created for each play. Hardest is to find it, and still. Thereafter, one recopies the play on the hard disk and one replaces the achievable original by that of the crack. And ahead engraving....!

One should not believe only one needs a crack for each play. The factitious errors, the TOC illegal or CD of more than 74 minutes are generally protections which can be thwarted during the preparation of engraving (to notch the option "To avoid the errors" in the software of engraving) and by using CD-Roms of 700 Mo.

To make a certified copy, one will use alcohol 120% which is currently the most powerful software of copy as ClonyXXL which is able to identify the most widespread protections. Launch ClonyXXl and scanner the disc of play to know protections used. Launch alcohol and choose the type of protection used, then the software configures itself all alone.
You can use CloneCD instead of alcohol. It is rather difficult to configure, then to help you, take Profiler which configures CloneCD according to the couple engraver/protections to him detected by ClonyXXL. To check that your engraver is quite compatible CloneCD. You are almost certain that all will go.
For the use of Clone CD there is this good site: Home.tele2.fr;

Lastly, how to use plays without CD of origin?
You must have a sufficient disk space. Indeed, you should create a file image whose weights will be approximately 650 Mo! Then, you should exploit this image as if it were about true CD.

CloneCD takes care of the creation of the image while the utility Daemon Tools 3.17 offers a reader in whom will be inserted the conceived image. You will be able to then play, as if CD of origin were in the physical reader.

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