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For those which want to install a network to share a connection Internet high flow but which does not want to be encumbered wire, the only solution: to install a Wi-Fi network. Why prefer Wi-Fi and not Bluetooth? Wi-Fi compared to Bluetooth is of a quality ratio/better and more powerful price. Moreover it is armed better against the hacking thanks to its reinforced functions of safety.

The Wi-Fi term comes from Wireless-Fidelity which is based on the model of Hi-fi .....
To install a Wi-Fi network, it is enough only to one router without wire (provided best with a fire wall) and to an adapter for each connected computer. Maintaining it is a childish simplicity to install all this thanks to the recognition of the Plug-and-Play peripherals....
For the choice of the material, I leave you free choose what you want. Will know that charts NCV or charts networks to be installed differ according to computers': chart NCV for an office computer and chart PC for a portable.
With regard to the mode of installation, you can choose two of them.
The first, best for a field domesticates, is the ad hoc mode. It is simple to set up and connects a maximum of three computers between them.
The second is the infrastructure mode who is opened much more, the zone of cover is extended much and can ensure hundred connections. This mode is used for companies, schools etc....

Before the installation of the network, note information of connection network already established on the PC. Go in the Control panel and open Connexions network. Make a right click on Connection to the local area network and choose Propertys/Protocole Internet (TCP/IP) /Propertys. Note the address IP, the mask of sub-network and the footbridge by defect. Then click on get an address IP automatically.
Note the name to user and the password necessary to connection to your service provider.
Once the router configured according to the explanations given by the guide of installation, it is necessary for you to parameterize the PC connected to the modem to be the administrator. Go in the menu start/Favorius Network/create a domestic network. Specify which computer is connected to Internet and name it Serveur for example. Then enter the name of the working group recognized by all the customers of your network, preserve the default settings proposed.

The security of the network:
- You should define a password for the router.
- Change the SSID (or the name of the network) into a personal name without it not being easy to find by a pirate. It is possible that the router allows to decontaminate the diffusion of the SSID so that the network does not appear in the list of possible connections of the vicinity.
- To filter the MAC addresses by the router, that makes it possible to authorize only the access to the PC having quite precise MAC addresses. These addresses are printed on the Wi-Fi charts and each adapter NCV.
- If you can it, to activate encoding WPA, if not activate encoding WEP. Best is to combine both.
- Decontaminate the network and connection wireless telegraphy if you do not hope to use the network for a certain time.
- Be discrete by relationship with your confidential data and avoid multiplying the shared repertories.
- Think of updating via Windows UpDate all the operating systems so that they are quite stable and stage of the faults of safety. Update the anti-virus ones and ensure that all the stations have a fire wall well.

Safety question, from many networks are not protected. It is not rare that we collects in certain buildings of the nonprotected networks wifi what allows of surfer on Internet the expenses of the neighbors. Indeed, much d’ users cannot protect their network or forget to do it then qu’ it is enough to some adjustments. It is also possible to pirate data.
For the security of the WiFI networks a new standard will be born soon : the standard 802.11i; It will offer a better safety of connections without wire. That should in particular reassure the companies.

Interferences :
It may be that you have interferences. That is with the equipment using the band of the 2.4 GHz., for example certain materials of radiophonic diffusion or certain medical equipment. It may be also that if your wife makes heat water in the microwave, that disturbs the network. They emit radiations in the band of the 2.4 GHz, and are thus a potential source of interferences. Thus distant from the network..

Other :
For speed, of new equipment called Wifi SuperG allow today to reach flows of 108 dry Mbit.
About the range of connection, there are obstacles between your portable and the relay : the Netgear manufacturer has just developed a system baptized smart MIMO which makes it possible to multiply until by 10 the range of the Wifi waves. It is a router who integrates one loads of small antennas to cover what the dead zones are called.

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