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You connect yourselves to Internet, then you can become a target for the hackers, for the viruses, espionage.... It should be also said that the attacks against average surfers as us are facilements déjouables. The pirates prefer by far to be interested in the great sites and the companies. But let us be vigilant, we are not at all safe from disposed people mals who want to have fun or to be made the hand before rubbing at the companies. Let us take as example the last lucky find: Microsoft revealed a fault of safety on the systems XP and Server 2003, of the data-processing pirates can s’ to infiltrate in the computers by persuading their owners to open a particular display file. I.e. that if you open an image with corrupted format JEPG the pirates will be able to make that they want your PC....

I will give you the principal means this of preventing against these attacks.

1° the antivirus.
It is essential to have an antivirus and to update it very regularly. There are how much episodes where a worm makes the turn of world in some minutes to infest thousands of computers.

2° the fire-wall.
Essential complement of the antivirus, it is supposed to stop the totality of the attacks launched against the PC but also the worms, Trojan horses being in your computer and which wait only the moment to go on the Net and to do their work there. Often the fire wall is provided with anti-popup, various filterings.... Essential software.

3° anti-spies.
The spywares are small programs hidden in other applications or which settle without your knowledge. They watch least the gestures than you make and return information via the Net. It also can upgrader and there, to make beautiful breaches on your navigator and to let with leisure the pirates come in their turn. The only thing to be made, to install a software which makes hunting for the spywares of the type AD-Aware SE Personal which moreover can be updated regularly. The new one at US : with reading a law against the cyberspy.

4° Update your system.
It is regularly necessary to update your operating system to thwart the existing faults and to make safe the best possible your documents and software. Microsoft leaves the updates regularly and find faults constantly. To also seek the patchs for your navigators. The navigators are ideal preys for the pirates.

5° the Web Bugs.
Worse than the cookies, are invisible and seldom detectable pictures which are inserted in the Web pages. That allows the Web sites and the advertising companies to know of it always a little more about you (mainly accounting of the number of visits, your address IP, your navigator. ) .Ces true spies can "cross" your address e-mail with your address IP. That means that when Web Bug is inserted in e-mail, the site at the origin of this Web Bug can identify you and observe your behavior of navigation and you épier as good seem to them. What is funny it is that one seldom intends to speak about them in the media and yet it is true an attack with the private life and nobody will worry these sites about the law!! ZoneAlarm Pro, like other software, makes it possible to announce you WebBug and to block it.

6° Remove the cookies.
The cookies are of all small files which help you and also identify you at the time of your surfing on a site. But sometimes, the sites which send them require them anything else: to know which you are, which you do on the Net and what there is on your station. It is thus advised to remove them and block their sunken.

7° Remain hidden.
As soon as you connect yourselves, you have an address IP and your computer is clearly identifiable for the pirates. To warn you attacks and surfer incognito, kasher sound is thus needed addresses IP. For this, it is necessary to use proxis which them are given the responsability to dissimulate the IP at the time of your connections. Use Multi Proxis and Proxy+.

8° Choose the good software.
More one software is known and spread, more it will be the choice of the pirates. Then do not hesitate to resort to alternative programs which will ensure the same tasks as the others. Do not take all the same unknown programs and which are not inevitably well conceived.

9° Preserve your data.
Think of safeguarding your files. A breakdown can occur very well at any time or an enormous planting because of a virus. Use of the CD-R ..... If you have a site lodged by your FAI, think that you can use the remainder of space allocated by your shelterer to store your personal data: for example, if you have a capacity of 100 Mo and that you used only 50 Mo for your site, you can fill the remainder by personal files very well to avoid engraving them.
There are also sites which enable you to store your files: Pensebete.com, Mobile.sunrise.ch, Boxxmail.fr.
For much more details, read the Safegards file.

10° The new alternative of the pirates.
The new alternative of the pirates and to reveal the pop-up quasi-identical ones to certain sites of payments on line, banks etc... to be able to have your accounts banquaires as well as the number of your charts banks. All the navigators are potentially vulnerable to pop-up false truths. This technique is called "phishing" (whose principle is to obtain personal data of a person, via e-mail which has the appearance of an official mail). Once again, have a pop-up anti good.
Attention to the Phishing.

11° Becarfull to the Fishingh.
For the e-mails, ridges very attention with the method known as Phishing which the pirates apply. That consists so that you receive an e-mail of your bank or a site of auction sale, for example, which invites you to type your secret codes under pretext of an update of its files. In fact, they are pirates data processing who have counterfeits official sites.

12° Never not to open an e-mail.
Never not to open an e-mailbecause it may be, in addition to the bonds or images syphilitics, that it is there a Web-bugs which can know if the e-mail were read. If you want it, you can place these informers in your e-mails to know or not your messages so yes indeed were open. It is enough to be inscrir on the American site http://www.didtheyreadit.com.

13° To safeguard a private key and its certificate.
In Internet Explorer, click on Tool-Options Internet... then choose the Contenu mitre. In the heading Certificates, click on the Certificats button and select the name of the agent then click on the button Export... Check off the yes box, to export the private key. It is also possible to use this method :
Click on Start/to carry out then seize: certmgr.msc and open Certificats - current user/Personnel/Certificats, with the right button of the mouse click on one of the listed users then choose the order All the tasks/Exporter...

14° To know simply if you are a virus.
To see whether there is a virus or a worm without to have made the update of the antivirus, here a simple method :
Create a fictitious address in your mailing of the style lienbidon@virus.gg. If a virus or a worm infiltrated in your PC it will want to surely send copies of this one via your mailing. Thus if you ressevez a return of e-mail with failure on the address lienbidon@virus.gg, that wants to say that it is necessary at all costs to make the update of your antivirus and scanner your PC!

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