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A firewall is a physical system (material) or logic (software) filtering the flood of information which enters and which leaves a computer or a network. It is the tool complementary to the antiviruses.

The purpose of it is to protect us from the external ill will and interns. The firewalls make it possible to avoid:
-) The curious ones which generates traffic, which makes more for fear of evil, but which sometimes ends up being expensive.
-) the vandals, those which want to annoy to annoy, (saturation of connections, saturation of CPU, corruption of data, masquerade of identity...)
-) Spies.
-) The escape of information towards outside.

As for the antiviruses, one finds on the market much firewall. According to the specialists, best Stop and Zonealarm Pro would be Look'. Personally I do not know, I always use Zonealarm Pro and I never had concern, it blocks all that I ask him. In a simple click I know all IP addresses of people who wanted to force connection, moreover, in Zonealarm line gives me all the co-ordinates of these companies (postal addresses, telephone, names of responsible people...), and even the exact place on a roadmap!! For the others I think that the same applies but I do not want to advance. Here a small list of alleged the best fire walls. In any event, no fire wall will be never enough effective to prevent somebody penetrating in a computer and from reaching informations.

Look' Stop
Steganos Online Shield
Kerio Personal Firewall
Outpost Pro
McAfee Desktop Firewall
Xelios Personal Firewall
Zonealarm Pro
Norton Personal Firewall
ZoneAlarm Free
Sygate Personal Firewall

Once the fire wall installed and configured, check if it blocks all the intrusions. Sites like those: Cnil.fr or Pcflank.com will be able to inform you about the state of protection of your PC.
Last example on the intrusions and the diversion of PC: Botnets.

Think of decontaminating the report/ratio of errors Internet Explorer. With Each time Internet Explorer plant it sends a report/ratio at Microsoft without you to prevent. To avoid Microsoft of all knowing about you this procedure should be decontaminated: go in the base of register, click on start , Execute and type regedit. To seek key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Internet To explore \ Hand. If the IEWatsonDisabled key does not exist in the right shutter, create. You will give him like value 0.

To close one of the doors of your PC against the hackers, it is necessary that you parameterized connections network.
For Windows 98 :
Go in the Control panel and choose Connections network and remote access, in connexion used, you click on Properties. There, choose the Type mitre of waiter and strip NetBEUI, in the selection authorized Protocoles network.
For Windows Millenium :
Always in Options Internet, the mitre Connections, choose your FAI and its Properties. In the mitre multiple Connections, notch the box not to use additional peripherals.
For Windows XP :
Always in the window Network, go in the mitre Network management and deselection File sharing... and click on the Avanced mitre. Notch then Protect my computer and the network...

- To decontaminate UPnP urgently.
The function Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) is activated by default under Windows. It reveals your PC as a waiter as soon as you are connected to Internet. It harms seriously the safety of your environment by opening two ports. To mitigate this fault, use the small free program UnPlugn' Play of GRC.COM. not requiring any installation, it is enough to open it, the fire wall will warn you if you want leave the opened port, said not, and the ports will be blocked.

Will know that the majority of the pirates, is 80% of the attacks on the family PC, are due to Script-Kiddies. Script-Kiddies are small hackers which is exerted to improve. They can seek financial information in your documents, to go to see in the history to see the sites banks which you will visit to pump you without your knowledge your money. Always pay attention, crypt your files, to see do not leave no tracks : print all the documents, zipp them with a code. For more explanations, see the Cryptage chapter.

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