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Why crypter its personal files or its e-mails? To protect itself of course. Let us imagine how you are ordered and that you store in a Word file the passwords and other information which you must type to consult your bank accounts, the services paying of such or such sites etc... and which by bad luck a pwith irate or a virus arrives and succeeds in knowing all your small secrecies! I do not speak about the people who on their place of work would like to keep certain confidential information and to prevent some curious to go to ferret on the right and on the left behind their back. Therefore it is necessary of crypter from time to time its documents.

I will start with the encoding of the e-mails.
In Outlook you have the possibility of making safe your e-mails: Sign numerically and/or crypter messages automatically in menu tools then in Options. Choose the Security mitre and activate the check boxs suitable in protected the Courrier zone.
For crypter the mails it is necessary certificates for you. The certificates enable you to be identified and to provide you two keys. The private first and the other public one. It is then enough to send the public key to your correspond so that they can code the e-mails that they will send to you. You, you will be able to read them by the private key and so on. The public key only makes it possible to code and not to decode. To obtain a certificate, to contact one of the authorities available in the list of the numerical Identifiers: go in menu tools then Options and choose the Security mitre. Do not forget that on the Thawte site the certificates are free!!
I remind to you that in France only the keys lower or equal to 128 bits are authorized.... You can just as easily use a software for crypter your messages. Most known are PGP, GPG, A-Lock and FileCrypt.

To make safe your sendings, you can also use the steganography:
The steganography, of the Greek steganos (covered) and graphein (writing), is a method for hiding data without the crypter. I.e. you to send a text hidden in a file image or sound without the contents and the container not being faded. Nobody will be able to believe that in a photograph of lying of sun is dissimulated a text...
There is on the market a great number of software of steganography but SecurEngine leaves the batch. It can dissimulate a file within a file image of Bmp extension or JPEG, a Wav file or even in another textual file. Moreover, the hidden file can also be encrypted with a password over a length of 128 bits. Lastly, it is of an incredible simplicity.

Crypter a file or a file.
For crypter a file or a file, you can always use the function of encoding of your software of compression. The ideal would be to use WinZip 9.0 which adopt encoding AES 128 bits and 256 bits. Moreover WinZip 9.0 can from now on crypter the files appearing already in a file ZIP; preceding grindings of WinZip could crypter the documents only at the time of their filing in a Zip file.
But will know that there is always a against-parade: if you forgot the password to decipher a zip, or if you want at all costs to know what your owner put in the encrypted file zip, it is enough to use Advanced Zip Password. It will seek the combination of the password of the file: it can test 15 million configurations to find the password at the Second....

For those which have Windows XP Pro, you can the crypter directly while clicking above: Carry out a right click on the files which you wish crypter and choose Propriety. Click on the Avanced button and notch the box Crypte the contents to make safe the data, then to click on button OK.
You can crypte the files one by one, or a whole file of one only blow (in this case, the files which you will put in the encrypted file will be automatically encrypted, thus creating a maximum safety). For crypter a file, made as for a file.

Technology EFS (Encrypting File System) of Windows XP helps you to protect all your confidential data. If you crypt a file using EFS, you are the only one with being able to open it and work there. This protection system is particularly appreciable on the portables because, even in the event of loss or of flight, no one other which is not able to you to reach the files of your hard disk.

If you do not have or do not want to use this software or methods, pass by software specialized in encoding.
The best would be PGP, still him! It makes it possible to protect from the data, crypter a file, or part of the hard disk or the second hard disk; to protect its works and royalty... PGP is ideal of local use or e-mail. Your own keys, you choose them well beyond the craquables 128 KB.... There are also PowerCrypt, Cryptozorus, Keyvelop - envelope electronic, Akimania Crypto Polle......

Crypt and to decipher a file by using technology EFS :
Click on Start/Execut then seize: gpedit.msc, then open Strategie local computer/Parameters Windows/Parameters of safety/local Strategies/Options of safety. Click on Cryptographie system : use compatible algorithms FIPS for encoding, chopping and signature HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SYSTEM \ CurrentControlSet \ Control \ Lsa Valeur DWORD 1 named: fipsalgorithmpolicy

Crypt a file :
In the Windows explorer click with the right button of the mouse on a file "test" then on the Properties order. Click on Avanced button... and notch the Crypt box the contents to make safe the data. A dialog box will ask to you whether you also wish crypter the file relative or only the file. If you click again on the Avanced button you will have access to the Details button then. It will be specified the name of the user whom can reach in a transparent way the file and, possibly, the name of the agent of recovery. If you click on the add button, it is possible to define other users who will be able to reach in a transparent way the file.

To decontaminate the function of encoding :
Open: regedit and seek HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows NT \ CurrentVersion \ EFS. Create (or modify) a Dword value named: EfsConfiguration. Affect to him value 1.

To add the order "Crypter" in the contextual menu of the Explorer :
Open regedit and seek HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Explorer \ Advanced. Create (or modify) a Dword value, named EncryptionContextMenu of value 1.

For crypter an Internet site.
it is enough to use WEB CRYPT PRO. It codes the HTML, prohibited the right click, cuts out images etc...

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