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A small game ?


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Here is a good means of diverting and of spending good moments of pleasure for step one kopeck. Indeed, you can find the hours of plays passed on your old preferred console (NDS, Atari, Game servant boy, SuperNintendo etc .....) or to discover the all new plays of Gameboy Advance or any other console the last cry.

With this intention, you must install an emulator for each console and of the roms (plays)!!!

But what is what an emulator and Rom??

An emulator is a software the purpose of which is to simulate the operation of a game console on your computer, therefore the plays which you will launch will have the impression that they are in the console. The feeling to play is the same one as if you play by the means of the console.
A Rom is quite simply a file storing the copy of a play. Rom wants to say Read Only Memory.
You can download the emulators and the roms free amongst other things on:
- Membres.lycos.fr
- Emulation64.net
- Mondemul.net
To help you to find immediately, Snes is the abbreviation of Super Nintendo, Nes: Nintendo, GB and GBA: Game Boy and Game Boy Advance and so on .....

Is this legal all that?
Yes, but to download Rom, you must have the original cartridge of the play. Now you are free to take all, or anything...! Do not hesitate to directly go to see over the sites of the manufacturers, they put many remote loadings of their plays. Also make international research, it is often faster to find the good Rom.