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Now what do you know the definition and the parades with the spam, know you to it spim?

And yes, the spam does not play any more solo on the fabric to be the only one to submerge us of junk e-mails. Maintaining it is with the turn of his/her little brother, the spim, to make devastations.
The spim, that one could translate by "Spam over Instant Messaging" or more simply "spam of instantaneous transport", is not attacked, as the definition states it, that with the software such as AOL, ICQ, Hotmail Messenger...
The spims are composed to 70% of pornographic messages like of course.

Whereas the battle makes rage against the spam and that the parades are increasingly effective, the advertisers are obliged to find other methods. There was television, the postal mail, the e-mail, and today your dear instantaneous transport.
The spim risk to become considerable extensive. This increase would be due partly to the massive use of the instantaneous transport in company and to a fast increase in the lists of names. Generally the spimmers use the method of the e-mail syphilitic to make proliferate their messages. They conceive a malevolent code of the virus type which exploits the faults of the transport. They insert a code in a bond and if by misfortune the person click above, the contacts in the list of the person will receive on her behalf this same message, or benefits from the naivety of the users them "to steal" their list of contacts.
For the moment, there are not effective means to fight the spims. The users can fortunately draw up a list of friends thus allowing them not to receive these useless messages:
- AOL, thanks to IMCatcher, authorizes a setting in quarantine messages coming d’ unknown shippers.
- MSN Messenger makes it possible to block messages coming people not registered on the list from contacts.
Moreover, will know that the users of this two transport cannot communicate between them..., that can reduce a little the entry to the spims. On the other hand I do not speak about Trillian, which makes him the reverse, it gathers all the networks of discussions....!
Lastly, there is all the same the antiones such as the add one named Simp of Secway which is installed on the transport. Attention with taking well the version planned for the transport, there are for all the méssageris of them and are compatible for all the versions of Windows, a must... There is also IMsecure de Zone Labs (the originator of Zone Alarms, a reference).

For those which remember the famous American comic strip of the Thirties: The brothers Pim Pam Poum of Knerr; there will be then perhaps the smile with the lips by discovering later the Junk e-mails Spim, Spam and Spoum (for spoum: a spam for the mobiles?).

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