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I understand you, that it is irritating this dirtiness by spam. They are believed very allowed these advertisers. In addition to us filling the letter-box with publicity, they allow us épier on the Net by cookies, Web bugs or by spywares, bludgeon us by mails of publicity, slow down our connection and royally make us sweat! I do not believe my eyes of them, whereas the government set up law LEN and request at our FAI to scan our e-mails and our intrigues to control what we do (principle of the Chinese Republic!, I understand that no French dignitaries their speak about the Humans right.!), these dear ministers of my heart do not move themselves for all these intrusions in our private lives. It is obvious, that must bring back money...
But let us react of our with dimensions to stop all these intrusions, there is several thing to make to be bored more with all that:

1° do not leave any traces.
To avoid receiving these spams, already it is necessary to be careful and not to leave no traces of our addresses e-mail on the Net. If you want one day to send a chart via Dromadaire, for example, to a friend, give another address that yours. Best is of going on sites of free e-mail Lycos style..., almost all the sites provide free transport now. Give this address to any inscription on the Net, thus you will be finally free with your transport and the pub. Do not answer any spams, that will not be used for nothing, even if the case where the withdrawal of subscription is possible, that does not go.

2° see the e-mails on the site of your FAI.
If you receive spasms, go on the site of your FAI and made a black list of the undesirable shippers. It is simple, it is enough most of the time to select the e-mail and to click on black list. Thus your FAI will put all the e-mails of these shippers directly at the basket and it any more but does not remain you to empty it. Often there is evil to identify the original address of the spam. To know it made a right click on the e-mail and Properties, thus you can see the address. You can also find it in details.

3° never open e-mails.
One never should open a spam and especially never answer it. An easy way so that an e-mail syphilitic is not read in the shutter of visualization. Because even if you do not open it and that the message is posted in the window, it is likely to be carried out, as for the spams. Go in Posting-Provision and decontaminate the post box the shutter of visualization.

4° parameters of your transport.
If, after having put a spam in black list on the site of your FAI, this one manages to pass, it is necessary to carry out some modifications of parameter setting of your transport. Let us take as Dromadaire example, once again, but it is to him the king. Go in your transport then in Tool-Rules of message-mail. In the parameter setting is at the beginning in new rule of message or in Blocked the Expéditeurs mitre and while clicking, on adding, you can remove the reception of the spam. I.e. it will be removed between the FAI and the PC, thus it will not be redirected towards the basket.

5° antispam.
There is on the market numbers antispam, quickly will take one of them. They are more or less effective, but if you control the configuration well that will go.

6° services Internet.
A solution suggested by Oktey.com, Vade Retro and MailinBlack.com to fight against the spam: these sites filters your e-mails before you do not receive them. How does that function? Before addressing to you a message for the first time, the correspondent must be initially identified using a password. Services disconcerting and constraining with the first use but effective to be serene with your dear software of transport. It is obvious that that is not free, but this service remains far from expensive.

7° your Web sites.
If you have creates personal sites, think of camouflaging your address e-mail in the bonds. Indeed, certain sites use robots spywares to know your addresses what their makes it possible to send innumerable spams to you.
It is enough to crypter the e-mail to: of your pages HTML. To know script to be added, visit this very good site: Caspam.org. You will not have that to return your address e-mail as well as the corresponding zone of contacts (contact me) and to generate the code to be inserted. Otherwise, if you have add other scripts and style CSS to your bond and that you want to keep them, there is another way, less rigorous: To replace it @ by &#64. For example if, in your code, it is mailto:nom@domaine.fr then it will be: mailto:nom&#64domaine.fr.

8° to keep up to date.
One needs times for other to be held with informing of the new dangerous fields or the antispams most powerful. For example see Secuser.com which updates all the attacks. There is also Caspam.org which is specialized to him in the spam.

9° The new alternative of the pirates.
The new alternative of the pirates and to reveal the pop-up quasi-identical ones to certain sites of payments on line, banks etc... to be able to have your accounts banquaires as well as the number of your charts banks. All the navigators are potentially vulnerable to pop-up false truths. This technique is called "phishing" (whose principle is to obtain personal data of a person, via e-mail which has the appearance of an official mail). Once again, have a pop-up anti good.
Attention to the Phishing.

10° Becarfull to the Fishingh.
For the e-mails, ridges very attention with the method known as Phishing which the pirates apply. That consists so that you receive an e-mail of your bank or a site of auction sale, for example, which invites you to type your secret codes under pretext of an update of its files. In fact, they are pirates data processing who have counterfeits official sites.

11° Never not to open an e-mail.
Never not to open an e-mailbecause it may be, in addition to the bonds or images syphilitics, that it is there a Web-bugs which can know if the e-mail were read. If you want it, you can place these informers in your e-mails to know or not your messages so yes indeed were open. It is enough to be inscrir on the American site http://www.didtheyreadit.com.

12° To safeguard a private key and its certificate.
In Internet Explorer, click on Tool-Options Internet... then choose the Contenu mitre. In the heading Certificates, click on the Certificats button and select the name of the agent then click on the button Export... Check off the yes box, to export the private key. It is also possible to use this method :
Click on Start/to carry out then seize: certmgr.msc and open Certificats - current user/Personnel/Certificats, with the right button of the mouse click on one of the listed users then choose the order All the tasks/Exporter...

Finally a good news counters the spams: The American Law anti-spams returns in action!!

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