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Now that you have just cleaned the hard disk, you will pass to the great spring-cleaning of your computer.

You cannot imagine what one finds in a computer even if it is not old and has the clean air: large sheep of dust to the pieces of paper, ashes of cigarettes, residues of nibbling.... I do not speak to you about the people who have a dog or a cat!!

There is not great a deal to have for cleaning a PC well : a bomb with neutral air (to avoid all bad contact between the electronic components), of a bomb of cleaning for screen and keyboard, of a wet rag and a screwdriver.

When you want to clean your PC or a peripheral, always think of disconnecting the PC.

Before starting, think of the guarantee: it is interdict to open a computer as long as the guarantee is not past, if not it will be cancelled...

The central processing unit.
Befor opening the UC, it is necessary to think of two things:
disconnect all the cables connecting the PC and to think of discharging the static electricity which you accumulated by touching a metal object or while carrying an anti-static bracelet to avoid making damage in the electronic components.
Once the opened side panel, unscrew the readers of CD, DVD etc.... and to disconnect tablecloths. Leave their compartments and note the direction of connections of the tablecloths not to be mistaken in any tonic. Certain people also dare to remove the hard disk, for my part, I it you will not advise.
Once the removed peripherals, remove the most possible dust then pass a blow of bomb of air but not too meadows to avoid damaging the components. Pass well between the mother chart and the case, like in all the small recesses.
Do not touch with your fingers the printed circuits, the grease of the fingers could deteriorate the transfer of data.
Think of well vacuum-cleaning the radiators and the heat sinks fixed on the transistors of power and commutation. Sometimes the power supply units are difficult to dismount, go ahead gently and note all the contacts if you must disconnect from wire to be able well to give them. It is very important to eliminate dust well from the ventilators like on the wings, me I use a cotton bud to remove all dust. Do not forget especially that of the processor.
Do not forget also the power supply unit. If necessary, remove it and pass a blow of bomb towards the interior then towards outside to remove the maximum of dust.
When you finished, use a wet rag and wipe interior and outside of the case. To prevent that dust does not return too quickly in the UC, think of placing a filter of the same type as the filters which prevent dust from arising from the vacuum cleaners or the range hoods on the level of the air intake (the small ones perforate behind the tower). Of the same ridges for the block of alimentaion. Attention not the butcher because the processor, which needs much to be refreshed, risk of completion to burn!!!!
Before closing again the UC, give all the peripherals to their places. Profit in to make a check-up of the screws to avoid unwanted noise which can leave the UC.
Arrange well the tablecloths and the wire, if it is the disorder, use clips for good to gather them.
Close again and replug all the cables. Start the PC and check that all is normal.
Here is, your central processing unit is very clean!

The keyboard.
The keyboard is a trap with dust. It accumulates a layer of grease to the wire of time and must, also, cleaned being. The keyboards perdurent they are well maintained. Like measures preventive, it is preferable of to abstain to eat and of drinking close to the keyboard: if you reverse liquid, you are likely to roast the contacts...
Do not dismount the keyboard, it will be very hard all to go up and that especially will make it inoperative. For certain keyboard, you can remove the keys upwards. Go ahead gently with a screwdriver with head punt and remove them and wash them a-by-a for you point out the place of the keys. Otherwise, disconnect it and turn over it to reduce dust and the particles. Pass a blow of bomb to air between the keys to remove the remainder. Use the bomb for keyboard or a product cleaning with a good rag to remove the filth.
Sometimes, you can pass a blow of vacuum cleaner on the keyboard in order to eliminate dust.

The mouse.
The mouse is the peripheral easiest to clean, the manufacturer very envisaged: turn over the mouse and turn the ring retaining the ball in the direction reverses needles of a watch. Leave the ball its housing and clean it with a wet rag which does not become fluffy, let dry it. Withdraw all the dust which is inside the mouse. Look at the three serrated rollers which make it possible the ball to give information. They will be dustier if you do not use a carpet. Remove the filth with alcohol with 90° and cotton buds. Do not use ustensils out of steel, style screwdriver, pins..., to avoid damaging them.
For the mice with serrated rollers, unscrew the screws which are in lower part then raise the higher part by blocking at the same time the serrated roller by a finger. Clean it with a cotton bud by making it turn. To avoid a too fast clogging of the mouse, use a carpet of mouse having a surface closes and which does not hang the remains of dust. If you can choose the aspect of the ball, choose a brilliant ball, and having a firm surface. The matt balls retain more dust and involve it inside the mouse.
Best is to choose an optical mouse: there is no ball. Moreover they are of an incredible precision as well as great freedom of movement.

The monitor.
There are two types of screens used for the moment: cathode ray tube monitors and monitors with liquid crystals (LCD).
For the first model, it is rather simple. The extinguished screen, you can pass from the bomb to clean the screens or quite simply a soft rag soaked with product with panes.
Clean the case well in front of, behind and on the with dimensions ones. Because of its magnetism and its static electricity, l’ screen attracts much dust. Moreover, you ensure that the grids d’ ventilation are well released and that nothing block them.
If you are obliged to open the monitor, will know that great attention should be paid.
It is a very important point. It is necessary to be very careful for the power supply of the cathode ray tube, it can send to you a value of 30.000 voltes in the fingers... Will also know that even if the monitor were stored in an attic for 6 months, there can very well be still current.
Lastly, for the LCD, It is a little the reverse of the cathode ray tube monitors. Use only upkeeping products for data processing. Do not scrape the screen and do not support too strong bus these screens are much more fragile. Moreover, never open a LCD, it is extremely fragile and very complicated....

For the other peripherals :

The ink-jet printer.
Clean the heads via the pilot of the printer. Go in the Control panel and choose the Imprimante icon. In the mitre Services or Cleaning, click on line up the heads and clean of the cartridges.
For the manual cleaning of the heads, open the cap, remove them and pass a cotton bud with water on its face for removing the remainders well. Make in the same way for the supports of the cartridges like on the site of the cartridges to the stop. Clean well the rollers of drive of paper with a wet rag.

The scanner.
The cleaning of the pane must be often made. Take a rag soaked with cleaning with pane not abrasive and remove the traces well. Do not pulverize directly on the pane cleaning it. For outside, proceed as on the monitor.
Wait until all is quite dry and carry out a Classification test to see whether there are still traces. For those which have courage of it, deposit some extra-light oil drops on the metal axis the length whose moves the luminous slope.

Readers of CD-ROM or DVD.
It is really not necessary to open such readers completely, except only people who know each other there.
To clean them, it is enough that they remain open when Windows stops. If it is not the case, use the end of a trombone and pass it in the small hole in frontage of the reader to force left the plate, then draw gently towards you.
Now, make slip the end of the straw of the bomb with air into the reader and clean well. For the lens, you can use CD of cleaning (15 € approximately).

The diskette.
Once the open mask or leaves the slit, passes the end of the straw of the bomb to air in the reader and cleans well.
You can also use a vacuum cleaner with a special end and aspire slightly; interior of l’ unit. Another method to clean the heads is to get a case of cleaning of disk drive. While following the directives, you can clean the heads while inserting the diskette of cleaning simply.

The hard disk.
You do not have with touch or to make though it is above. Check only if the screws are well fixed to remove with case-or obstructs it of a vibration.

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