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Outlook Express
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Here all the short cuts keyboard of Outlook Express train. You can find them even in Outlook while clicking on the menu ?, choose Sommaire and index. In the window which souvre go in Index and type shortened then to post.

Principal window, display window of the messages and window of sending of the messages:
To open the headings of F1
assistance To select all messages CTRL+A

Principal window and display window of the messages :
To print the message selected CTRL+P
To send and receive messages CTRL+M
To remove a message SUPPR or CTRL+D
To open or send a new message CTRL+N
To open the address book CTRL+MAJ+B
To answer the author of a message CTRL+R
To transfer message CTRL+F
To answer all CTRL+MAJ+R or CTRL+G (News only)
To reach your Box of reception CTRL+I
To reach the message following in list CTRL+;
To reach the preceding message in list CTRL+,
To post the properties of the message selected ALT+ENTer
To bring up to date the new messages and headings F5
To reach the message not read according to CTRL+U
To reach the message of conversation not read according to CTRL+MAJ+U
To reach file CTRL+Y

Principal window:
To open a message selected CTRL+O or ENTER
To mark a message as read CTRL+ENTer or CTRL+Q
To move in the list of the Files (so active), the list of the messages, the shutter of visualization and the list of the contacts (so active) TAB
To mark all the new messages as read CTRL+MAJ+A
To reach a newsgroup CTRL+W
To develop a conversation of News (to post all the answers) LEFT ARROW or PLUS SIGN (+)
To reduce a conversation of News (to mask the messages) RIGHT ARROW or MINUS SIGN (-)
To reach the newsgroup or the file not read according to CTRL+J
To download of News for their reading off line CTRL+MAJ+M

Fenestrate messages - posting or sending:
To close a Échap message
To seek text F3
To seek a message CTRL+MAJ+F
To rock between the mitres Edition, Source and Seen CTRL+TAB

Fenestrate messages - sending only:
To check names CTRL+K or ALT+K
To check the orthography F7
To insert a signature CTRL+MAJ+S
To send a message CTRL+ENTer or ALT+S

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