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All the music which I like .......
It is well the refrain which one could have at the head when one seeks a song or a disc on the Web. There is an abundance of possibilities not to be lost, but still is necessary it to know where to scearch.

I know that you heard all at least once a publicity for a paying site, or of speaking about the pirates who "unrelentingly pump" the capital of our very dear interpreters. But there are also many groups which put free on line a few pieces of their composititions. Unfortunately there are not many publicities made around them, and in general, they are worth as well as is them saying singers that the radios bombard us daily. To help you has to unearth several sites of musics, you can go on the site the 1001musiques ones. It is a search engine for a multitude of things, and especially for the music. A very good plan!!!!

You also have gratissimo but with more or less legal sites. Gratissimo.com.

Do not forget also the specialized radios which emit uninterrupted a quite precise style of music. You will find there all the kinds of sounds and often of the scarcities in their send. One calls that of the streaming. You will find all information and easy ways in the Streaming chapter.

You have also the possibility of buying the music directly on line, that is to say entirely CD or song by song.
For the first solution, see the sites of the Majors. One manages to find rare pearls and all information necessary of the singers. Visit in more the sites of auction sales and occasions.
For the second solution, you have have at your disposal of the software or the sites which propose to you an enormous range of songs arranged by categories. For example you have the site of Fnac, the site of Wanadoo, Napster, APPLE .......

Let us take as concrete example the software of APPLE: the itunes.
itunes is a software which you download on your PC. Thus, you can from now on make your purchases in the virtual record dealer of reference. Listen to musical extracts, buy and download titles via the same numerical juke-box that you use already to organize, divide and listen to your musical collection. You have 700.000 titles published by the independent majors and labels. The songs cost 0.99 euros and the albums are available starting from 9,99 €. The prices are the same ones for the various sites but not inevitably the same ways of downloading and of reading the pieces.

You think that 0.99 euros that is worth the cost, and well hang because It IS the INFORMATION WHICH IT IS NECESSARY TO RETAIN.

Information made by Bidibulle (thank you Bidibulle):
<< site allofmp3-fr.com decided to revolutionize the sector by proposing the remote loading of musics at price very low and free from numerical right, for that they signed all the possible and conceivable agreements, including in France.

The principle of invoicing is based on the volume of downloaded data, with an unbeatable price of 1 centime d’ euros the megabyte, which is equivalent at an average price from 70 to 90 cents d’ euros for a complete album. Moreover, it is possible to choose audio quality (of the 128 Kbit/s to the 384 Kbit/s), as well as the format of file (Ogg, MP3, WMA, AAC).

Once the piece of music downloaded in the catalogue which comprises two hundred and fifty miles titles, there is no restriction, it can be listened to not import where and copied at will.

You will say to me, but or is the trap? And well it n’ there does not have, even if the company which is behind this site is Russian. Elsewhere, for those which do not wish to send their blue number of chart in Moscow, you have the possibility of paying via PayPal.>>

PayPal is a site where you can send money to any person having an address e-mail, by opening a PayPal account simply. When you are connected on your account, click on the Paiement mitre. Enter then the address e-mail of the recipient and the amount to be sent to him. You can choose to regulate in Canadian Dollars, USD Dollars, Euros, Pounds Sterling or Yens. All is protected and reliable there.

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