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Hello and welcome. I hope that L'e-Légal one will interest you and that you will find there all information and easy ways which you seek.

As you can see it, this site is dedicated to safety, with the easy ways relating to Windows 98 /Me and Windows XP, Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, with multiple methods to optimize your PC and to solve certain problems involved in Windows and on the peripherals. You will find there also councils to safeguard your documents, for cleaning your computer well and of the councils for installing a network at home well. Lastly, you will be able to know how to acquire music and sets of legal or illegal ways. Be convinced that there will be regular updates, especially in the chapters Ways, Optimisation and Problems.

Thereafter, I will add to the wire of the time of new categories such as the best software freewares or sharewares, how to engrave well CD or DVD and full with other councils... In advance I would like to thank the people who will be interested in the development and the blooming of L'e-Légal one.

About the various "illegal" methods to charge of the plays, musics or software, I would like to recall you that according to your country and your place of residence, which you do can leave legality. There is countries where there are no law on the Copyright and others where the copy is severely punished by the law. L'e-Légal one does not propose any remote loadings of software.

This site could be held responsible for the use only you ridges of information that you will find there and I decline any responsibility as for the damage and/or consequences - whatever they are - which could result from the use of unspecified information present on this site.

A great thanks in the University Center of Economic and Social Cooperation of Nancy.

I also make a point of thanking my partners :
Pagepardefaut.com for the games.
Maximumwall.com for the wallpaper.
Atomz.com for the internal search engine.
OVH.net for the GuestBook.
Like all the other sites on the page Partners (attention with Pop-Up and other...!!)

This site was conceived to function with versions 4.0 and later Internet Explorer (compatibilté of 100%) and of Netscape Navigator.

L'e-Légal one does not comprise any coockies nor pop-ups, except the Partenaires page. To be able all to post you must activate the scrypts java and have the reader Macromedia Flash Player 7.

Last update carried out 06-16-2007.

Visiting number since 11/01/04 to 05/26/06 : 777425.

You have the possibility of putting your questions or your impressions on the GuestBook.



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