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Everyone will wish to have a PC new bright burning coal with enormous capacities, even if if nowadays, the current performances of the last PC are superb. But it should not be forgotten either that it quasi totality of the computers used are not very first youth. Everyone cannot be allowed to repurchase a PC each year for the simple pleasure of saying itself: "Ouai I have the most powerful PC of the moment!". I do not speak either about the electronic components which one can install progressively to increase the capacities. But there is several difficulty: the compatibility of the elements, the price which is not inevitably given and knowledge to install them. If is to renovate a PC by a specialist and to spend an insane sum, to buy nine of them as much...

Therefore, it is always useful to know certain methods to optimize the computer to facilitate the life and especially without expenses.

First of all, I would like to warn you whom if you must make of the modifications of the base of register, think of safeguarding.
The base of register is the "skeleton" of Windows. It is by it that Windows knows where is such application, such function or information. Change a parameter of Office for example and it will be impossible to open Word or other...
It is quite simply enough to safeguard it before any change: go in start then Execute and type regedit. In small Fichiers click on Exporter. Notch the box All and indicate the name and the way of the safeguard.
To restore the base of register, it is enough to follow the same procedure. Instead of clicking on Exporter it is Importer that it is necessary to choose. Indicate to him the file then to be installed. Do not make either several modifications of a blow. Do them one-by-one.

The first easy ways all will seem to you silly, but will know, especially that in company, much of people do not make them and complain after the PC is slow....

The defragmentation of the hard disk.
The installations and successive desinstallations of software, the copies and other joinings of files by-Ci by-there, the safeguards..., all this handling involve a scattering of the data on the hard disk, which resembles Gruyere then. The more the data are split up, the more the response time to open an application or to work will be long. This is why, defragmenter is needed regularly the hard disk (in general once by week).
Go in start then Programmes, Accessoires and Tools system. Select Defragmente of disc. Choose the partitions to defragmente. Look that in Parametres, three boxes: To reorganize the files so that my programs start more quickly and To check the reader as always are well notched.

To proceed to ScanDisk.
You must, at least once by week, to carry out the ScanDisk software on the hard disk. That makes it possible to detect errors of the reader and to repair them. It n’ d’ is not necessary; to carry out a complete scan, except if you l’ did not make for a long time.

Use the utility of maintenance of Windows.
Go in start/Programmes/Accesoires/tools System and Assistant Maintenance. That makes it possible to optimize Windows as well as possible.

Remove the temporary files and the cookies.
During your surfings, your navigator preserves all the Web pages which you have consultées.Sur certain stations, the size of the file Temporary Internet Files can reach an enormous weight. Made purge it more space will give on the disc. In addition to information of the visited pages, many cookies hides in this file. The cookies are of all small files which help you and also identify you at the time of your surfing on a site. But sometimes, the sites which send them their requests anything else: to know which you are, which you do on the Net and what there is on your station. In Internet Explore and choose Tool-Options Internet and click on the mitre General then on the button To remove the files in the part temporary Files Internet. In the mitre Advanced on the level Safety, notch the empty box the file Temporary Intenet Files when the navigator is closed.
For the cookies, are of all small files which help you and also identify you at the time of your surfing on a site. But sometimes, the sites which send them their requests anything else: to know which you are, which you do on the Net and what there is on your station.
Internet Explorer choose Tool-Options Internet and click on the General mitre then on the delete button the files in the part temporary Fichiers Internet. In the mitre Advanced on the level Safety, notch the empty box the file Temporary Intenet Files when the navigator is closed.

Clean the base of register.
As we saw, the base of register holds all information of the system like those of the software. If you installez/désinstallez programs, the system must theoretically erase any trace of this software. Moreover, the base of register keeps the traces of documents opened, moved, safeguarded etc...
To clean it, use the free utility RegCleaner which analyzes all the short cuts stored in this base and checks that they lead to an existing file. That results in to reduce this base and to accelerate its loading with starting.
In addition to doing housework in the base of register, RegCleaner enables you to know all the software installed, even those which are hidden as well as the programs which are with the starting of Windows.

Check the applications which are with the starting of Windows.
Certain software which you install launches in all impunity to each starting of Windows. This slows down considerably the starting of the system and the fact of not making them start makes it possible to gain a little power while releasing from the memory. I would advise you to keep only your antivirus like your parefeu with starting.
Go in Start-Carrying out and type msconfig. In the start shutter strip the software which you know well and who should not be with starting. Attention, do not strip anything because that could harm the correct operation of Windows.

Close the applications in progress which are not useful.
Many people open software with the day progressively and complain about the slowness of the PC. To gain power, close the programs which you do not use...

Make hunting for the viruses.
One can only point out it. If you are connected to Internet, imperatively install anti-virus on your machine. To know some more, consult the complete file on the viruses and the anti-virus ones.

Seek the spies or spywares.
The spywares are small programs hidden in other applications or which settle without your knowledge. They spies least the gestures than you make and return information via the Net. It also can upgrader and there, to make beautiful breaches on your navigator and to let with leisure the pirates come in their turn. The only thing to be made, to install a software which makes hunting for the spywares of the type AD-Aware which moreover can be updated regularly.

Make updates of the system like for the pilots of the peripherals.
The computer evolves/moves through the updates:
To update Windows via Windows Update (Finely To start), makes it possible to have a more stable and surer system against the attacks of Internet. The function Windows Update will connect you on the site of Microsoft which will analyze your configuration and will suggest you the updates necessary.
Make also the updates of the pilots of the peripherals. There will be less conflicts and better performances. Check the model of your graphics board, chart its or printer..., then defer you on the Web site of the manufacturers. Have a maximum of choice, on the Touslesdrivers.com.
For the software, seek the patchs which stabilize and solve the quite specific and identified problems.
For the plays and the multi-media one in general, think of installing the last version of DirectX.
For Internet Explorer, put the plugin java of SUN which is more stable than that of Microsoft. Also think of installing the last version of the plugin Flash of Macromedia.

If, despite everything information sitées above or in the file of the procedures a little more pointed, you do not manage to optimize Windows, there remains nothing any more but one thing to be made: either to crush Windows, or to format the hard disk to reinstall Windows, method imparrable to find a PC nickel. If you safeguarded the base of register and created a point of restoration at the beginning, think of restoring them by safeguarding all your personal files. Thus you will find the configuration original of Windows. Do not forget to reinstall the software put after the safeguard of the base of register as of the point of restoration because it will be désinstallés after this procedure.

For optmiser the PC, you can to also return you in the part "To clean the hard disk".

Now, let us pass to procedures a little more pointed.

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