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In France, we have the right to copy CD, a play ..... to make a safeguard. A priori it is not the case considering the increasing number of protections inserted in CD. But it is true that it is necessary to think of the poor singers which must make alms to live. It appears that the fact of copying leurc Cd makes them poor. Moreover, we pay a tax on the purchase of the CD-R! They would make better lower the price of the discs in rays instead of chialer.
But good, I am not there to say what I think but to explain you the ways of recopying a disc. The methods are quasiments the same ones as in Hacking games part. A small easy way: to press on the key SHIFT during the insertion of the disc, that removes certain protections.

Already, it there with the direct copy of your hi-fi system to the PC, for those which do not want to be caught the head with the software. It is simple, you connect your hi-fi system to your PC and you record flow in real time. To improve the music use GoldWave which is super, but in English.

Now let us speak about the software which allows the copy the identical one.
The best is Clone CD. It can do everything or almost.
To make a certified copy, one will use alcohol 120% which is currently the most powerful software of copy as ClonyXXL which is able to identify the most widespread protections. Launch ClonyXXl and scanner the disc to know protections used. Launch Alcohol and choose the type of protection used, then the software configures itself all alone.
You can use CloneCD instead of Alcohol. It is rather difficult to configure, then to help you, take Profiler which configures CloneCD according to the couple engraver/protections to him detected by ClonyXXL. To check that your engraver is quite compatible CloneCD. You are almost certain that all will go.

There is also the method of the extraction (ripper), that is to say to extract the beaches from the disc. The best and more used is Exact Audio Copy. It is able to directly extract the tracks without passing by an image by being unaware of protections.
To configure it go in Forum.hardware.fr.

For those which have protected files wma, use FreeMe. It is a very small software.
It is enough slip-to deposit there a file Windows Media protected to see appearing, a few seconds later, a copy of the file bearing the name "Freed-Name of the original file". It makes it possible to pass in addition to the system of Microsoft protecting the pieces of music on sale on the Net. The protection of Microsoft directs you towards a site, when you want to listen to a file wma, and asks you to get the licence to be able to listen to it. You will find it on Cryptome.org.

In any event, you will have to use a Rippeur if you want to store musics on the PC. A Rippeur is a software which makes it possible to change the format of the songs, to pass to the Wav format to format MP3 or MP3-PRO, OGGVorbis, Real and conversely ..... The best ripper than I know is DBPower. It is enough to make a right click on sound file and you can convert it with the desired format. But it can make more. It makes it possible to circumvent last protections of CD even if it is not a its function. You put the disc in the CD reader of the PC, you go in the repertory or is installed DBPower and you seek CDGrab. Open it, choose the reader where is the disc if you have some several, and here are all the musics are ready to be converted. Choose the desired format and the site.

To convert formats RM into AVI or MPG4, used the eo_video software from eo-video.com. Of a childish simplicity, you will be able to convert all the Real files into various sound files or videos

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