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There are two principal ways which allow us the acquisition of illegal musics: the CD copy and transfers it from files via the P2P.

About the CD copy, I refer to you in the Copie chapter to know the ways of circumventing protections. But think of pressing on SHIFT during the introduction of CD, that does not remove protections badly...

Now the P2P!
But what is what the P2P ?
First of all they are software and P2P is the abbreviation of three English words. Some say that it is Peer to Peer, others: Par to Pair, Persson to Persson. In French, Station at Station, Two by Two ......
To include/understand best is to explain the principle of operation...
This software is connected to a central waiter which makes it possible to index the connected computers and the files available. Each one can put what it wishes: music, photographs, films etc... The user seeks files and places at the disposal those which it holds. Everyone benefits and contributes the exchange of documents, which they are légals or illegal.... Better a connection high flow for really appreciating is worth to have this software.
Most current are emule, kazaa, shareaza, edonkey. I let to you make your choice on Mxp2.com, but take that which is downloaded the most in the world to have the maximum of ziq.

To crown the whole, a new software of hacking has just been able and which is called FileMiner. It scanne waiters of Kazaa, Morpheus and others to seek the files divided on Internet while returning to you anonymous. In fact, the person at which your place acquire the file does not even know that you are downloading it to him. It is still worse than the P2P. You can test it but it is rather complicated and especially the result is disappointing. It is on the other hand necessary to remain in awakening to see the evolution of this phenomenon.

There are also two small easy ways to pump music. Seek in search engines specialized in music to download songs, like Gratissimo.com. Go on the Altavista.com.
Pose your research in Musique or Video and it gives you all the sites on which you will be able to download them.