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Why create its own local area network at home or for its small company?

At home it is sometimes advantageous to create its own network. The reasons can be multiple:
- to play in network with two or several PC.
- to transfer from the files of one PC to the other.
- to share a connection Internet.
- to share resources (printing, scanner, etc...)
- for if required allowing itself to discuss if the stations are far.

Now what you need, except the computers of course, it is:
- a cross cable if one wishes to connect only two computers.
- a chart network 10/100 for each computer. The chart network must accept connectors RJ45 (c’ is with being said the most current charts). Its flow will be 10 Mbits/seconde.
- twisted cables (UTP cat5) with catches RJ45. Before the purchase, think of measuring the length of cable necessary to connect the PC to the hub not to have a nasty surprise!! - a hub 10/100 (case to which one connects cables RJ45 coming from the various computers of the network). All the computers are connected to the hub. wire on the basis of the charts networks of the computers are connected in the ports or catches of the hub. The decision of the number of port remains to be defined according to the number of PC which will be connected, without forgetting that it should be thought in the future (perhaps that you will still install other computers?).
- a router, if you wish to connect the computers to your connection Internet because the hub is not sufficient. If you do not want to invest in a router, you can use the computer connected directly to connection as a footbridge (there will have to constantly remain lit when the other computers of the network wish to reach Internet).
- a switch. Contrary to the hub, the switch analyzes information arriving on its wearing of entry and filter the data in order to switch them only on the adequate ports. I.e. the information sent towards a quite precise computer will be read only by this computer (if you would not like only everyone reads personal information!).

Now that all the PC are connected, the thing which east can be more "hard" to make and it will be the end, is to parameterize the computers so that they are in network.

For the systems under Windows 95 /98/Me:
Go in the Control panel and click on network. Choose the Configuration mitre. It is necessary that the following protocols are installed:
- Customer for the Microsoft networks
- The name of your chart network
- Division of the file and printers for the Microsoft networks
- Protocol IPX/SPX
So certain lack, click on Installer and add the missing element. So that you can configure IP addresses of each computer, click on zone TCP/IP then click on Propriétés. Do not take IP addresses especially that Windows give you, if the PC can go on Internet. Do it manually and choose the addresses which you want to have a better plan, if not Windows will allot the following addresses:
For the PC n°1
Address IP:
Mask of under network:
For the PC n°2
Address IP:
Mask of under network: and so on .......
Notch the Détecter box connection to the support network.

Check that the PC belong well to the same working group, in mitre Identification in Network. It appears the name of then; computer as well as the working group to which it belongs. To modify the working group, and to assign the same one to all the computers, click on ID network. If you want to divide only certain files or files, it is enough to go in the Explorer and to make a right click on the file and chooses Partager, then Partager as and allots a name to the file such it will be seen on the PC. Make a right click on the icon Vicinity network and click on Explorer, choose abstr. network then on the working group that you created, thus you will see the computers and all the files that they divide.

For the systems under Windows2000/XP:
Go in the Control panel and open Connexions network, open Connection to the local area network. As for the Windows 95 /98/Me it is necessary that the following protocols are installed :
- Customer for the Microsoft networks
- File sharing and printers for the Microsoft networks
- Planner of QoS packages
- NETBIOS Nwlink
- compatible Protocol of transport NWLink IPX/SPX/NetBIOS (for the old plays)
- Protocol Internet TCP/IP
So unquestionable misses, clicks on Installer and adds the missing element.
To allot IP addresses of the computers, procedure and identical that that located previously.
On the other hand to check if the PC are well in network, make a right click on the working station and to select Propritys, in mitre Name of computer you will be able to see the working group to which the PC belongs. If you intend to modify the working group click on ID network.

Here is, your network is in operating state...
A thing still to be made, do not forget to make daily updates of your antiviruses and to parameterize your fire wall well. Also make the updates of the operating systems because the pirates adore to attack the networks with viruses or trojans. I take as example the virus which struck in at the end of 2004: HLP_HEAPINTX.A which is rather dangerous...

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