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One uses an antivirus for, of course...., to protect itself from the viruses. These charming small animals which one collects via the Web. It is really necessary to be disturbed for surfer without antivirus or never to update it considering the quantity and the speed which a virus puts to transfer and to spread itself.
A virus is a small program located in the body of an other program, a software, an e-mail.... who, when it is opened, carries out the instructions that its author programmed. For the majority they multiply but they all are not destroying.

A small anecdote: the first virus was created by a student in data processing with l’ The University of California (Fred Cohen) in 1983. Following an experiment on the safety of the systems, the program called then Virus was launched on a UNIX system. The purpose of it was to contaminate all the programs of the PC, which functioned perfectly.

One distinguishes thus various types of virus:
-) Worms: viruses able to be propagated through a network. -) The Trojans (Trojan horses): viruses which make it possible to create a fault in a system (to generally allow its originator to be introduced into the system infected in order to take control of it).
-) Logic bombs: viruses able to start following a particular event (date system, distant activation,...).

Think of safeguarding your files. A breakdown can occur very well at any time or an enormous planting because of a virus. Use of the CD-R ..... If you have a site lodged by your FAI, think that you can use the remainder of space allocated by your shelterer to store your personal data: for example, if you have a capacity of 100 Mo and that you used only 50 Mo for your site, you can fill the remainder by personal files very well to avoid engraving them. There are also sites which enable you to store your files: Pensebete.com, Mobile.sunrise.ch, Boxxmail.fr.

If you receive recurring e-mails containing of the viruses, go on the webmail of your FAI and put the shipper on a black list. It is simple, it is enough most of the time to select the e-mail and to click on "black list" then to empty the corbaille. Thus your FAI will destroy the e-mail before sending it to you. Often there is evil to identify the original address of the e-mail. To know it made a right click on the e-mail and Properties, thus you can see the address. You can also find it in details.

In order to be propagated, the viruses have recourse to the address book of Outlook. An infected e-mail is sent to all your contacts without you knowing it. There is on certain Outlook Express the possibility of countering: select menu tools->Options->Security. In antivirus the Protection zone it is necessary to notch the two boxes entitled: To inform me when other applications try to send messages of my share and not to authorize the opening of the enclosures likely to contain a virus. An easy way so that a contaminated e-mail is not read in the shutter of visualization: because even if you do not open it and that the message is posted in the window, it is likely to be carried out, as for the spams. Go in Posting-Provision and decontaminate the Afficher box the shutter of visualization.

It is good then to have a software which detects and cleans the PC of these undesirable. Antiviruses, there are much of it and to make a choice it is rather complicated. It is wanted that it is paying or free, that it is configured for its operating system and especially which he goes well. Of course they are always the same ones which is generally selected. One will not take an antivirus that nobody knows. For my part I tested much of it, especially among those which are in the list below and the best (in all objectivity) is Kaspersky Antivirus Personnal Pro 4.0. He never weakened with his task. Moreover it has a heuristic function, that if I receive a virus and that I did not update the antivirus, will know to him that it has in him the protocol of a virus. It will say to you that a new alternative of virus arrived and it will remove it to you, according to the parameters which you will have defined of course. Finally the data processing specialists update the list of the viral signatures at least every three hours. I do not want to make them of pub, but I find that it is really the best.

According to eservice.free.fr, I will give you a list of the best software. The first is the best and so on .....!
Antivirus Kaspersky Personnal Pro 4.0 (Kaspersky Labs)
Antivirus Kaspersky Personnal 4.0 (Kaspersky Labs)
F-secure Anti-virus 5.40 (F-Secure)
Antivirus F-Prot 3.12 (FRISK International Software)
Antivirus F-Prot 3.12 DOS (FRISK International Software)
Antivirus Panda Platinium 2.03 (Panda Software)
Norton Antivirus 2002 (Symantec)
AntiVir Personnal Edition 6.14 (H+BEDV Datentechnik GMBH)
PC cillin 2002 (Micro Trend)
McAfee Scan Virus 5.21 (Network Associates)
NOD32 1.297 (ESET)
Anti-virus Sophos 3.60 (Sophos)
McAfee Scan Virus 6.02 (Network Associates)
AVG Profesionnal Edition the 6.0 (Grisoft)

Once antiviruses installed, check that it is well configured. With this intention, visit Safety-data processing. This site enables you to test the behavioral analyses of your viral protections.

Think of activating antivirus protections of the software. Each software of division can integrate an antivirus, unquestionable software of engraving ......
Be wary of the Flash files. A fault of safety exists in the Flash readers of Macromedia on all the versions until This fault is exploitable remote via any site or via an enclosure and the attacks touch all the navigators. It be-with saying that when a pirate sends a Flash animation to you (extension .swf) and that it is read, he will be able to open a footbridge between its computer and yours, by a means of saturation of the buffer memory of the PC (complicated Ca!). Seek the patch which corrects this large bug, on the site of Macromedia.

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