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You have just changed PC and you would directly like to transfer the data of old the computer towards the new one provided with Windows XP:
here a small guide explaining how to transfer the data.

Already it is necessary to know what you wish to transfer. This is only personal musics, images, files or the entirety of the parameters d’ applications of your old machine?

- First of all, clean the old computer.
It is necessary to make the sorting in the files be transferred. Make a good blow of household to avoid some nasty surprises....
I give you the broad outline, but you can find some more with explanations quite detailed to the Cleaning file.
- The defragmentation of the hard disk.
- Use ScanDisk.
- Remove the temporary files and the cookies.
- Clean the base of register.
- Erase the useless files.
- Made hunting for the viruses and the spywares.
- Made updates of the system like that of the pilots of the peripherals.

- Choose the mode of transfer.
- Maintaining to choose the mode of transfer, all depends that you want to transfer. If you have only images and sounds plus some personal files being worth to the maximum a weight of 1, 2 to see 3 Go, you are not to oblige to invest in specialized material (although we are over this beautiful era of overconsumption!). Put the data on adequate and practical supports: CD-R or DVD-R; more they will be put at the shelters good once for all, because if it arrives to you a pip, you will be able to find all the files without problems. I return you to the Supports file of safeguard to have well detailed information.
Moreover, if you want to keep certain data like:
- your address book of Outlook as well as the messages.
- models and parameters of Office.
- to keep the topics of Windows.
- to safeguard plays....
there either, not of modes of transfer specialized for that. See the Safegard file which are well detailed and precis to have more information.

- So on the other hand you have a rather important stock of data and that you want, moreover, to keep all the parameters d’ applications of your old PC, you can choose between several methods. If you are within a family framework and that you do not want to lose money for peccadillos, remove the old hard disk and place it on the new computer. Do not be afraid, it is very easy to make. In addition to earning money for illusory peripherals, for will be able to increase the disk space. You will be able to add surface with storage of the disc which will be equivalent to the sum of the two hard disks, which is not negligible... The only thing that should be known they are the connections, so of course the first hard disk is compatible with the new CPU, which is extremely probable except if you pass from a Windows 95 to Windows XP!!!
To connect a hard disk does not present difficulties in oneself but it is necessary to know an important thing, they are the statutes given to the hard disks.
Indeed, so that the two hard disks are recognized, they should be configured as a Master for one and Slave for the other. To simply explain you, it is the first hard disk (that of the new PC which must be Maître (or Master) because it is on him why your computer starts. That that you add must be as a Slave (Slavic), it is only one storage unit. That is very simple to make, It is enough to connect the second hard disk on the power supply and gray tablecloth IDE (that where the first hard disk is connected). This one is connected to your mother chart of with dimensions, and to your first hard disk of the other. So that the disc that you install is as a slave, you must connect it on the catch remaining of tablecloth IDE (in theory at the end of this tablecloth): the main disc must always be the first connected on the basis of the mother chart. Maintaining to finish the connections, look behind the hard disks. You will see a small rider to be moved according to indications' given. Of with dimensions it is Master and other it is Slave. A disc only installed on a PC must be into Individual (single).

- Another mode of transfer: connections parallel, USB and TCP/IP are most traditional but of low flows.
- You can choose the network mode. It is enough for you only to one chart network for each PC and to cable to connect them.
Personally, what good is it to buy charts network for only one use, whereas to put the second hard disk on the PC is much more advantageous....

Choose the good USB :
Rate of FireWire transfer: 400 Mb/s
Rate of transfer USB2: 480 Mb/s
12 Megabits/s for the USB 1.0.

- To prepare the new PC.
Before d’ to further go, seek original CD corresponding to all the programs which s’ carried out on l’ old system and of which you wish to lay out on the new PC. Or install more recent versions. As that the files will be automatically recognized by the programs.

- Transfer of the data of PC to PC.
Once the PC are connected by cables, maintaining it is the final phase. To carry out the transfer of data of PC to PC, you can use either the assistant of Windows XP, or the software more used: MyPC transfer.

- With the assistant of Windows XP :
If l’ old PC n’ is not under Windows XP, which is extremely probable, close all the applications and insert CD to installation of Windows XP in the reader of CD-Rom. Select execute additional tasks, then Transfer the files and parameters.
If l’ old PC is under XP, closes all the programs and chooses Démarrer/All the programs/Accessoires/Outils system/Assistant File transfer and parameters. With the question Of which computer does it act? Choose Ancien computer. Select then the mode of transmission of the data which you want.
With following stage, specify if you wish to transfer on the new PC only the parameters from the applications installed, the files or both at the same time.
To carry out l’ assisting on the second PC and remade the same steps except that the PC should be inverted.

- With the software MyPC Transfer :
Install the software on the two PC. For the old PC, in the assistant, you will notch the option Ancien Computer. In the window Profile: personalization which appears, notch the types of data which you wish to transfer on the other PC, then click on Suivant. A list of the files and files to be transferred appears: select, by notching them, those which interest you. For the new PC, in the assistant, you will notch the option: New Computer. You will in the same way put the options that for the old PC.
The window Migration: transfer and integration of your profile indicate the progression of the transfer and remaining time. Once the finished transfer, click on Suivant. Wait until the Migration window: integration of the data... posts According to, then click above. Start again the new PC, the transfer is made!

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