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Two words on the DVD:

To copy a DVD from its PC there exists enough of software to arrive there. One should not seek to find them well far.

For example use AnyDVD. It can read and copy CD and DVD by removing various protections. It functions with all the DVD Vidéo, all the readers of DVD-Romanian, all the software of copy or reading of DVD.

There is also DVD Decrypter. It any more is not presented: it is the software of decoding DVD!!! It can make much more than ripper. It can fill various tasks with your reader DVD as to create an image of any DVD which you can assemble as a virtual disk by using tools like Daemon Tools and it can even engrave these images of DVD.

There are finally SmartRipper or DVD Shrink etc...

Then, it is necessary to reduce the contents of film so that that holds on a DVD-R of 4.7GB, for example by removing the no-claims bonus, the foreign audio languages....

So on the other hand you want to keep the copy of the DVD on a CD-R, then it will be necessary to compress the format of the video to make it less heavy. Install a codec Divx so that your readers multi-media can read it and use NeoDivx or VP6 codec which will compress the video file. The saving in space is very important, of 6 Go with 600 Mo...

NetTransport : download automatically certain video files with a left click of the mouse on the bond towards the video file.

You can also visualize and record the televised chains diffused by the TNT on your computer by the means of the charts TVs (charts with formats PCI) :
The marks Happauge, Pinnacle and V10 Media market compatible charts TV TNT which make it possible to record the programs on the hard disk. The computer to act as video tape recorder then. You can also use external cases which connect via the ports USB and which have the same characteristics as charts PCI.