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Still a means of getting plays free: Abandonware!
Abandonware is the contraction of 2 English words: Abandonment & Software. The principle of the abandonware is to download free plays which should not any more have been on sale nowhere for more than 5 years (and not left there is more than 5 years). From where, of the plays given up by the editors.

The legislation is rather complicated and there are not really good definitions on this practice. The abandonware is not legal, but certain companies tolerate this phenomenon. From the point of view of certain editors it is, "that to start from the moment when a software is diffused, even on a purely free basis, on Internet (or by any other means) without the agreement of the editor, it is a question of an act of counterfeit, by definition illegal."

Good French sites will ensure you that the plays indeed were subjected to the authorization of their editors, such as FreeOldies, Lost Treasure France and 2001Jeux.

Attention not to be confused with the sites will warez, which them diffuse plays generally very recent and in all illegality. The total reverse of the abandonware. The word will warez means that it is a pirated software, one can also call it progz. I you will explain some methods for "cracker" protections of games or cd in pirated games chapters and Copies CD chapters.

It is true that by seeking very small little, one can easily find the last play left one month ago by making research with the term will warez. But made very attention, in addition to being in the illegality, you are likely not to have exactly what you wish or to download in the play of the viruses, Trojan horses and other filths.