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The streaming is a technology making it possible to diffuse on the Net media, therefore you can listen to radio, see a video or a piece of music quasi instantaneously.

With regard to the legislation, it is still rather complicated. The streaming is not compared to radio or with television but more with diffusion as with the cinema or at the time of a concert, there is the right to look at or listen but not to record. What it is necessary for you for reading of the streaming is a multi-media reader of the style Winamp, Real Player or Windows Media Player. You need also the coder who transforms the data received to him into a file streamable. It encode on line, as a magnetic cassette which records radio on the hi-fi system. And then of course a site transmitting in streaming. All the radios do it; there is in addition to the sites, American generally, which diffuse quite precise bands. You find all the choices possible and conceivable.

Maintaining to record them, it is another business. If there are not the adequate software, it is rather hard. There are people who will explain you that the URL should be sought real, Internet addresses, of information émisent. And they is truths play of track. But, even in the event of success, it happens that the remote loading proves to be impossible. Thus I make you grace of these explanations.

Best is to have uninterrupted Winamp and it plug-in StreamRipper or Snaglt which make it possible to record the music and it video diffused on Internet. It is extremely easy and without problems. There is also RipCast Streaming Audio Ripper 1.4 PRO and UltraPlayer.

To seek the URL, you do not break the head, install Project URL Snooper and StreamBox VCR. It is of an incredible simplicity.
Project URL Snooper, once connected to the site, goes any scanner and to seek the URL. Previously erase all in the file Temporary Internet Files and seek the address which starts with rtsp: /... Note there! Then launch StreamBox VCR and stick the noted address. At this time it indicates to you that the recording is in hand. You can launch several recordings at the same time, according to addresses' which you will have collected. All can be recorded: video and audio. Have more information, on: Perso.wanadoo.fr
Some say that we cannot have StreamBox any more, and they is more or less true, but go on these sites or then made international research .....: Afterdawn.com or H.com.ru.

For those which find that they is a little hard there are several simpler techniques but much less some in effectiveness.
- you can find the files in the file Temporary Internet Files. You to locate them thanks to their weight higher than the other files present.
- Otherwise to charge them, made a right click on the bond which carries out towards the sound or video and make it record the target under.
You will charge something and by seeking the property, you will have the URL.

NetTransport : download automatically certain video files with a left click of the mouse on the bond towards the video file.

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