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A small game ?


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Ahhh .......... pleasure of resting by being made a small part of race of cars or of fighting a horde of insane furious after the job, of seeing even during!

I you will not make here a list of all the sites being able to provide you the plays free or paying, one would not have finished any and that would be absurd!!!

Just two words to say to you that you have an enormous choice with your range. Free plays, in demonstration, line, network....
Do not forget the Flash plays which often very interesting and are well conceived. Small information. , if you play on line with protected Flash plays, there is to be able to recover them and to keep them on its beautiful PC, but I acknowledge you that that functions only one time out of two. The webmasters can protect their sites sometimes well...
Once the play charged on the screen, made a right click on Starting and choose Explorer. Go in Windows-Temporary Internet Files and take the files of extensions .swf (SockWave Flash). There are highly likely to have the play. To play there, if you do not have Irfanview or an editor swf, made open it by Internet Exploreur. You can make the same thing with anything on the Net!!! That can be interesting .....

If you are enthusiastic admirors of the plays like Ages Off Empires or the plays of trastégies or others seek on the Net Add-Ons or of Patchs. It is entirely free and it is super. These are scenarios that you and me, or programmers, conceive to prolong our pleasure of playing. It is just enough to record them in the file called scenario. I appreciate much add-ons them because we see diversity between each one of us, the cultures and especially the imagination of the people. Here some sites: Multimedia.ftpk.net, Jeuxvideopc.com, JeuxVideo.fr, Bolloch.
Now I leave you surfer on the various parts of the Jeux category to help you to find what it is necessary for you like information, but once again, I remind to you that according to your country what you do can leave legality. To in no case theLegal one will be responsible for what you do.