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According to the Declaration of the rights of man and of the citizen issued by Convention of 1793, article III: "All the men are equal by nature and in front of the law". In front of the law, perhaps, but not by nature. They have thought of the people reached of a handicap? According to the dictionary, a handicap is what disadvantages, puts in position inferiority ..... Everyone knows it. But what happenhappen does a for the access to data processing and particularly to Internet?
Which are the processes placed at their disposal to reach the motorways of information?

Already for the users of Windows, Windows places at their disposal a personalization of the system. Here what says exactly the contextual assistance:

Personalization of the operating systems Windows.
You can personalize the operating systems Windows in various manners to improve the accessibility of your computer.
The functionalities of accessibility were integrated into the operating systems Windows since the version Windows 95. They are intended to the users who have difficulties in use the keyboard or the mouse, with the people who have problems of sight, with the deaf persons and the deaf people. These functionalities can be configured during the installation, or you can add them later on starting from the discs of installation of Windows. For more information on their installation and their use, carry out a research on the key word "accessibility" in the index of the assistance. You can also use the functionality or Control panel other integrated to modify the appearance and the behavior of the operating systems Windows according to certain visual or driving requirements, in particular the colors and dimensions, audio volume and the use of the mouse or the keyboard.
In Windows Millennium Edition, the majority of the functionalities of accessibility can be defined using the Assistant Accessibility or of the Control panel. In the Assistant Accessibility, these functionalities are organized according to their nature, in order to facilitate the personalization of Windows according to needs' for each user. The Assistant Accessibility also allows you to record your parameters in a file which you will be able to use on another computer. The various provisions of Dvorak keyboard facilitate the striking of the most usual characters when standard provision AZERTY is not appropriate to you. There are three provisions of keyboard: strike with the two hands, only strikes with the left hand and only strikes with the right hand. No additional particular material is necessary to use these functionalities.
The availability and the level of integration of these functionalities vary according to the operating system used.
To obtain a complete documentation on the functionalities of accessibility available in your operating system, reach the Web site of Microsoft. These functionalities are also described in the Kit of technical resources Microsoft Windows 95, the Kit of technical resources Microsoft Windows 98 and the Kit of technical resources Microsoft Windows NT.

For the blind men or mals indicators :
In addition to the personalization of Windows, you have at your disposal of the software allowing much optimization:
The touch screen developed by the NIST provided with 3600 barbs allowing to reproduce contours of the images.
The Voice synthesis:
- Windows-Eyes: it is most advanced and most stable of the readers of screen of the market. Compatible with Windows 9x, Me, 2000, and XP, it gives access to you the greatest number of screens and gives you a total control on what you hear and how you hear it. Thanks to its support Braille, this control extends so that you feel under your fingers and how you feel it.
- Speakey: an integrated software whose orders are entirely wired for sound using one or several voice syntheses, French or foreign. It gathers a multitude of functions in varied fields of l’ data processing (text processing, notebook d’ addresses, bases data, file management, reading of typed documents with l’ help d’ a scanner, MP3, etc). Thanks to l’ unit of l’ environment, Speakey allows d’ to increase comfort d’ use and the productivity of l’ user.
- MailVox: a software which makes it possible to make pronounce with high voice by your computer a French text and to safeguard the result in the shape of a file WAV that MailVox can convert into file MP3. MailVox enables you to send these files WAV and MP3 (compacted or not with format ZIP) to your correspondents on Internet.
For the keyboards in Braille or other adapted peripherals visit the site of Hacavie.

Other software:
- loupex v2.2:
Grossissor of screen.
- zoomer v2.0: Grossissor of screen.
- Lens: Grossissor of screen (1 to 40 times)
- Lynx v2.7 for DOS: Textual navigator.
- Lynx v2.8 for Windows 95 and Windows NT: Textual navigator.
- Pine: Pine is a software which includes/understands one to net complete all in text mode and accessible with a terminal Braille, usable in distant access on your letter-box with protocol IMAP. Take care to select the options of accessibility which are: show_cursor, sayable keymenu, individual-column-folder-list in SETUP-CONFIG.

To have other information, I invite you to go to visit: Typhlophile.

For the defective engines:
To facilitate the defective engines to be reached the Net, the assistances are carried out with the case-by-case. handicap-icom.asso will help you to find various solutions: handicap-icom.asso.
Let us note the Visiboard system of the French company Metrovision which allows the driving handicapped people to control the PC with the eye.

For the deaf people.
The deaf people can communicate on the telephone via the computer and of the software Laura Lou developed by French association Datha.

For the originators of sites:
Think of creating structured sites, without ornaments. If you put images or bonds and mitres starting from buttons images, do not forget type text in the zone of Sec seizure to allow the navigators with voice synthesis of reading the alternate text. Do not put at a 825.jpg image like name but a true title. Establish well announced links...
Contents of the site s’ in will find all the more accessible to all the users.

Good links :
vue.active.free.fr pour les logiciels de mal voyants
yanous.com/pratique pour tous, super..

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